A deadly strain of avian flu has been discovered in a commercial chicken farm in Nebraska.

On Tuesday, Nebraska reported a very fatal outbreak of avian flu in a flock of 570,000 chickens being bred for meat.

Since February, millions of broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, and turkeys in the United States have been afflicted with avian flu and have been killed to prevent the disease from spreading.

The US Department of Agriculture confirmed outbreaks of a particularly fatal kind of bird flu in commercial flocks in Maryland and South Dakota earlier this month, adding to fears that the disease is spreading throughout the country thanks to wild birds.

Following the discovery of the disease, farmers are required to slaughter their flocks, and importing countries such as Mexico, China, and Korea have placed state-specific import restrictions in response.

The current outbreak of avian flu is the deadliest since 2015.
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The bird flu outbreak is the deadliest since 2015, when over 50 million birds were slaughtered in the US Midwest, predominantly turkeys and egg-laying chickens.

It comes at a time when food prices are soaring as a result of labor shortages, supply-chain issues, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major wheat and grain exporter.

The current strain is H5N1 and can be transmitted to humans, though US officials claim the risk to humans is low.

The United States is the world’s largest producer and exporter of poultry meat.

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