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A judge has given his approval to Apple’s $30 million employee settlement regarding bag checks.

Apple has been ordered to pay $30.5 million to settle a lawsuit that was filed almost ten years ago and alleges that the company exploited 15,000 retail workers by not paying them for the time they spent in security checks after their shifts. The settlement was approved by a federal judge in California.

On Saturday, the United States District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco approved the settlement for the class action lawsuit that was filed in 2013. The case was used by the California Supreme Court in 2020 to reach the conclusion that state law mandates that employees must be paid when they are required to undergo mandated security screenings.

There have been multiple cases filed against prominent companies in the United States, including Walmart and Amazon. In order to resolve one of these lawsuits, Amazon and a recruiting agency came to an agreement in 2017 to pay a total of $8.7 million to 42,000 warehouse employees.

The plaintiffs in the complaint against Apple alleged that retail employees frequently waited several minutes after clocking off, and sometimes even longer, to have their bags examined before they were allowed to exit the locations where they worked.

Apple and the attorneys representing the plaintiffs did not respond to our requests for comment as soon as we sent them.

In 2015, the case was dismissed by Alsup, who stated that the workers were not under the control of the company during security checks because they were not required to bring personal items to work that would have to be screened. As a result, the workers were not subject to the company’s control during the screening process.

A state court has been requested to decide whether or not time spent in post-shift screenings must be reimbursed in accordance with state law after being urged to do so by a federal appeals court.

In the year 2020, a state court issued a ruling that went against Apple, finding that it was unreasonable to ask employees to refrain from bringing personal items to work. After that, the case was brought back before the federal court, and last year, Judge Alsup said that he intended to grant summary judgement to the plaintiffs and order a trial on the amount of damages.

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