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After Derek Frazier got blasted by Big Brother fans, he apologized to BB23 women of color & claimed he is dyslexic

Derek Frazier was the Big Brother 23 runner-up to winner Xavier Prather. Pic credit: CBS

Derek Frazier frustrated quite a few Big Brother fans by the way he acted toward a lot of the women in the house during the Summer 2021 season.

That topic was addressed by BB23 cast member Whitney Williams recently, and she got into a feud with Derek when she said he refused to apologize for statements he made about her appearance.

Derek had also said that the BB23 jury was “jealous” of him on finale night. It was something else that didn’t sit well with a lot of fans of the show or some of the other members of the cast.

This week, Derek took to social media to share a lot of his thoughts about the Big Brother 23 season and also to thank the producers of the show for having him on it. He also took the time to address a lot of questions and comments from Big Brother fans.

Derek Frazier shares lengthy post about Big Brother 23

“The past three months have been an amazing experience and journey. This summer is one I will never forget. I feel like a whole new person and I think that this was GOD blessing me with a new look on life,” Derek wrote as part of a long message where he thanked the Big Brother team.

Derek addresses comments and concerns from Big Brother fans

“I’m still side eying you D. You did the WOC wrong,” wrote a Big Brother fan on Derek’s Instagram post.

“I have apologize to them and I love them! Family fights at times,” Derek wrote in response.

Derek WOC BB23
Some Big Brother fans wanted a better apology from Derek F for his behavior toward women in the house. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Instagram

“Can you explain the evote thing? Just wondering why you always said evote,” another Big Brother fan asked Derek in the comments.

That fan was referencing how Derek frequently used the word “evote” when host Julie Chen Moonves was asking who he was choosing to vote for during Eviction Ceremonies.

“He might be dyslexic . It wasn’t intentional,” wrote another Big Brother fan.

“I actually am and I never said anything,” Derek responded to the question.

Derek Dyslexia BB23
Big Brother fans wanted to know what Derek F said “evote” so often. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Instagram

Derek Frazier wants to play Big Brother again

Quite a few members of the Big Brother 23 cast want to play the game again. Derek Frazier is one of them, and he said “of course” he would want to play Big Brother again. He also said that he would scheme more if he was invited back.

Xavier Prather, on the other hand, said that he was going to need a break after spending the entire summer working toward winning Big Brother 23. And the news recently came out that Xavier will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful later this fall.

For Big Brother fans who can’t wait for another season of the hit reality competition show, CBS announced Celebrity Big Brother 3 is airing this winter.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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