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Amazon Web Services is experiencing its second outage in as many weeks.


The second AWS outage in recent weeks caused extensive disruption to numerous websites and streaming services on Wednesday.

According to Downdetector, more than 22,000 customers had reported problems with the tech giant’s cloud computing service by 10:45 a.m. Monday.

The business stated that it was looking into connectivity issues in Northern California and Oregon. It stated that the faults had been rectified between 11:10 and 11:14 a.m.

“The problem has been repaired, and the service is back up and running,” Amazon announced on its online service status page.

Because Amazon Web Services hosts websites and apps for thousands of different businesses, every outage can have a wide-reaching impact on the internet.

Amazon is looking into the source of the outage, which affected the Playstation Network, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and other websites hosted on the cloud computing service.

According to Downdetector, customers of Doordash, Playstation Network, QuickBooks, and Salesforce reported connectivity troubles at the same time as Amazon’s outage on Wednesday. Amazon’s main e-commerce site and its streaming service Twitch looked to be impacted as well.

The issues occurred around a week after another large outage last Tuesday, when many individuals were unable to access popular websites such as Facebook, Netflix, Disney+, and Venmo.

On Twitter, some users complained about the downtime on Wednesday.

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“Feels like there’s been a lot of AWS disruptions this year,” said GiantWaffle, a renowned Twitch broadcaster.

“Bezos owns half the internet and wants to give a reminder every now and then,” one of his fans said.

Kelly Vaughn, a tech entrepreneur, said that she was “going to begin a weekly ‘AWS is down’ scheduled tweet.”


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