Anjali Tatrari and Avinesh Rekhi to play the leads in Zee TV’s upcoming fiction show Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Naa

When you want something with all your heart, the universe conspires in bringing it to you! Zee TV’s upcoming show, Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Naa, captures the story of Krisha Chaturvedi, a girl who has always dreamt of being swept off her feet by a knight in shining armour, and what happens after the day the universe manifests her dream and it all comes true…

Krisha is a simple, young girl with barely any worldly belongings, who moves into a magnificent palace against the picturesque landscape of the princely state of Ambikapur with hopes of beginning her very own fairy tale with the love of her life, Devraj. As she strives to adapt to the various cultural nuances, the ways of living and conducting herself amidst this imperial setting, Krisha must carve a niche for herself and gain acceptance and love as Devraj’s wife. Television actress Anjali Tatrari will be seen essaying the role of Krisha Chaturvedi.

On the other hand, embodying the swagger and charisma of the blue-blooded royalty will be television heartthrob Avinesh Rekhi as Prince Devraj, the current heir of the royal family of Ambikapur. Unlike Krisha’s world, Devraj’s family still lives in the glory of the Rajwadas and are staunch believers of tradition.

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Talking about the show and her character, Anjali revealed, “As soon as I heard the basic premise of Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Na, I knew I had to sign up for it. My character, Krisha, is a simple girl who is on the brink of an extraordinary journey that is about to change her life forever. Like most young women, she also dreams of a prince who’ll sweep her off her feet and looks forward to a happily-ever-after with him. And sometimes when you want something with all your heart, the universe manifests it for you… What happens after she meets this prince charming and their journey to their ‘happily ever after’ forms the crux of the show. I believe Krisha is a very strong character with several shades and having such a meaty lead role in a unique show like Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Na was the reason why I signed up for it. I must add that there is an interesting twist regarding my character that you will see once the show starts and it will surely keep the audience hooked. I just hope all my fans will love seeing me in a new avatar and character and continue showering their love on me.

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Avinesh Rekhi also added, “I am very excited about Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Na as I feel it is quite different from all the shows that I’ve been a part of till date. I look forward to playing a royal character for the first time through the show and hope my fans enjoy seeing me in this regal, blue-blooded avatar. In fact, I have transformed myself physically to get into the shoes of my character, Devraj, and it will surely be a treat for the audience to see me in a completely new avatar. Devraj also has a swag of his own, but will often find himself having to balance his love for Krisha with his responsibilities and duties towards his royal family as they are staunch believers of tradition and she is only beginning to get the drift of the ways of the royals. It is a show that will make you experience a range of emotions as viewers will wonder if Krisha and Devraj will ever find their ‘happily ever after!’”

While Devraj will find himself caught between his love for Krisha and his duties towards the royal family and its legacy, is there a ‘happily ever after’ in store for Krisha after all? Or will she have to take charge of the situation and earn it?

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