Apple iOS 16 got released with some exciting features.

Apple iOS 16 got released with some exciting features.

According to The Verge, Apple’s latest iOS 16 operating system upgrade brings a plethora of new features, such as a widgetized lock screen, the ability to unsend and edit iMessages, improved keyboard haptics, a revamped Home app, and more. However, it also revealed that the iPadOS would not receive the new version 16 immediately, instead arriving as iPadOS 16.1.

The news was made last week during the September event, which also saw the release of the iPhone 14. Apple is keen to distribute iOS 16 to existing iPhones before three iPhone 14 models, which ship with iOS 16, hit shelves on Friday, September 16. Apple has also made tvOS 16 available.

There are various improvements to look forward to in the latest version.

On September 12, shortly after 1 pm ET/10 am PT, iPhone users started posting screenshots to Twitter to announce that the update was available for download. It hasn’t yet appeared on the iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 15.7, but Apple usually releases the update to various areas.

Nothing has changed with the official release of iOS 16 if users are familiar with the public beta of iOS 16. However, it should be noted that they require an iPhone 8 or later model, which means any smartphone released after the fall of 2017. The original iPhone SE is also excluded from the update process, but the 2020 and 2022 releases can update without issues. Any iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 models that could run iOS 15 can’t update to the new version.

Taking a look at some of the cool new stuff in Apple’s iOS 16:

The lock screen: Since users can now alter the fonts and colors used on their iPhone’s lock screen, the changes to the iOS 16 lock screen are likely the most noticeable with this software update. The feature to add widgets to the lock screen is a more significant change, and users of the iPhone 14 Pro will find it especially useful given that it now has an always-on display.

iMessages: According to The Verge, there have been several improvements made to iMessage for regular users, including the ability to edit messages up to 15 minutes after they have been sent and the ability to delete them up to two minutes after sending them. A new “mark as unread” feature has also been added, and audio messages can now be fast-forwarded while being played.

However, adding new editing tools in iOS 16 Messages is the most significant change. Users can unsend text messages if they have replied to the wrong text message and edit text messages after they have been sent. Only a brief window following text transmission allows for editing and unsending features.

iOS 16 Mail: Not only Messages but iOS 16 Mail also can undo accidentally sent messages. Users of iOS 16 Mail can cancel emails that have already been sent and schedule emails to be sent later, just like Gmail.

iOS Safari: By allowing users to share Tab Groups with others, iOS 16 Safari expands on the Tab Groups feature introduced with iOS 15 last year and adds collaboration tools.

Maps: In iOS 16 Maps, more locations have access to more detailed city maps, and users will be able to calculate trip costs when they use the public transportation feature to plan routes.

My Sports: My Sports, a feature that allows users to select their preferred teams across various sports, is the major update to the News app. This results in a unique section of News featuring those teams and displaying results, content, and video highlights.

Fitness: A standalone fitness app that keeps track of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned has been added to iOS 16. It might be a simplified version of a similar app that users of Apple Watches can access.

iOS 16 Focus: In iOS 16, Apple streamlines the setup for Focus, a feature first introduced in iOS 15. While the new filters are initially only available in Apple’s built-in apps, Apple has released a tool to allow developers to add filters to their apps. These filters allow users to fine-tune what is permitted and blocked out when they set the Focus mode.

Live Text and Visual Look Up: To enable users to copy text out of photos and look up information about things that have been photographed, Apple added Live Text and Visual Look Up to iOS 15 by utilizing the neural engine on its most recent processors. With iOS 16, users can copy the text in videos just like in photos, and action buttons linked to that text allow users to jump to phone calls, web pages, and Safari website searches.