As a result of the case, Visa has suspended card payments for advertisements on Pornhub.

After a lady accused Visa of enabling the distribution of child pornography on the website Pornhub, the credit card giant Visa froze payments for advertisements on Pornhub and its parent firm MindGeek. MindGeek is Pornhub’s parent company.

In a statement that was released on Thursday, Al Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer of Visa, said, “We do not accept the use of our network for unlawful conduct.”

The statement was released a week after a federal judge in California dismissed Visa’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit that was filed by Serena Fleites. Fleites says that Visa helped Pornhub and MindGeek profit from unlawful content. Visa’s bid to dismiss the lawsuit was denied.

Kelly made it very clear that Visa does not condone any form of sexual abuse or exploitation of any kind, including that of children. “Not only is it against the law, but Visa also prohibits customers from using our network to engage in unlawful activities.”

The final sentence in the statement stated that “our policies plainly and absolutely forbid the use of our products to pay for content that shows nonconsensual sexual activity or child sexual abuse.”

Earlier this week, a representative for MindGeek disclosed to The Post that Pornhub had eliminated all instances of child pornography as well as any content that depicts or references sexually explicit situations involving minors.

US District Judge Cormac Carney stated that Visa continued to recognise MindGeek as a merchant despite the fact that it may have known the company monetized child pornography. Carney noted this despite the fact that Visa may have been aware of the potential conflict of interest.

In his judgement on Friday, Carney stated that “It Is Straightforward.”

“Despite Visa’s apparent knowledge that MindGeek commercialised child pornography, Visa has decided to continue to recognise MindGeek as a merchant. This decision was made by Visa. MindGeek took the decision to continue monetizing child porn, and there are sufficient facts presented to demonstrate that the latter decision depended on the earlier decision.

Visa expressed its disappointment with the decision, stating that it “mischaracterizes Visa’s position as well as its standards and practises.”

After learning that her boyfriend had uploaded a video to Pornhub depicting her in a sexually compromised state when she was in eighth school, Fleites decided to take legal action and filed a lawsuit.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the film in question was uploaded on Pornhub by the girlfriend’s boyfriend without either her knowledge or consent.

Visa was named in a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges that a sexually explicit video of her was posted to Pornhub without her consent.

When she finally found the film, it had already been viewed more than 400,000 times on Pornhub.

Fleites claims in the documents filed with the court that it took MindGeek several weeks to remove the inappropriate video after she first reported it.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, by the time the video was finally removed from the website, it had already been downloaded many times and received more than 2.7 million views.

In the documents filed with the court, Fleites stated that the finding turned her life upside down. She claims that she became addicted to heroin and that she tried suicide on multiple occasions while she was struggling with her addiction.

According to the lawsuit, “Even though Serena is now clean and sober, the long-term ramifications of Pornhub’s wrongdoing persist to this day.” [Citation needed]

“The original Pornhub movies of Serena have been and will continue to be distributed across a variety of other platforms, such as on sites linked with MindGeek as well as other pornography websites. The relationship between Serena and several of her family members has not improved. During various points over the course of the past five years, she was unable to support herself financially and was forced to live in her car.

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