Baby sits in his parents’ blood after they are killed in Brazil


A Brazilian couple was fatally shot in front of their baby boy in the middle of the street — leaving the orphaned child sitting in a pool of their blood, according to a report.

Nicolas Elias Albuquerque do Prado, 18, and Cleidiana Pereira Alixandre, 19, had traveled with their 10-month-old son in a taxi to the town of Alto Garcas on Friday, the Daily Mail reported.

When they got out of the vehicle, the young couple was shot by two men in front of a property believed to be a drug den, the outlet reported.

The owner of the property who witnessed the horrifying scene told authorities that she did not recognize the suspects, who sped off on a motorbike, the outlet reported.

Disturbing footage from the scene showed the baby covered in blood as he sat crying by his parents’ bodies.

Though he wasn’t struck by the gunfire, the baby was reportedly taken by child services to the hospital for treatment for injuries sustained when he fell to the ground.

Albuquerque do Prado, 18, and his wife, Clediana Pereira Alexandre, 19, was shot while walking with their 10-month-old baby, in Alto Garcas, Brazil.
Albuquerque do Prado, 18, and his wife, Clediana Pereira Alexandre, 19, were shot while walking with their 10-month-old baby in Alto Garcas, Brazil.

Police said the slain parents were believed to have involvement with drug trafficking and gangs.

Do Prado was previously convicted of drug trafficking and was under investigation for two counts of robbery, while Alixandre had been arrested for receiving stolen goods, local media reported.


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