The former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky has lately been posting pictures on her Instagram without showing her face. Finally, she made a personal revelation with her fans on the platform stating that she has been diagnosed with Shingles at the age of 36.

Not only did Ali made the announcement, she also used the post to spread awareness. On Thursday, she shared some pictures of her face showing the painful marks and shared her story in a long caption. Ali wrote, “Some of you noticed that I’ve been hiding my face on Instagram this week. Either by holding something over it, wearing sunglasses, or putting my hair over my left eye. Why? I was diagnosed with shingles,”

Ali, who is an entertainment reporter, said that the reason she tried to hide it because she didn’t want “the added stress or pressure of the Internet while I was trying to rest and heal. In fact, stress is likely the reason I got #shingles. I’m sharing now because I hope my story will help others detect it early. I didn’t even think it was possible to get it at my age.”

Moreover, the former TV personality also shared details about the disease in order to raise awareness. Though Shingles is a common disease that people get after 60 years old, Ali told that it is getting common in younger people as well.

“From what I understand you get it from a weakened immune system due to stress or other health related issues. (Which I’m looking into),” wrote Ali. “Anyway, I just wanted to share because early detection is key in hopefully lessening the severity and duration of shingles.”

She also thanked her dermatologist stating, “I am soooo grateful that she diagnosed me early and got me on the proper medication.”

Ending the post, Ali wrote, “So needless to say, I’m trying to limit the stress in my life and hoping my vision clears up. Today the swelling is down a lot so I’m grateful for that! I plan to do a blog post next week detailing what happened on a day-by-day basis to hopefully help others who are frantically googling “shingles in your 30’s” out there right now and not finding much information. #shinglesinyour30s”


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