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Bidens visit Rehoboth Beach to celebrate First Lady’s birthday at her favorite place!

Source: NBC New York

The US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have reached Rehoboth to celebrate Jill Biden’s 70th birthday on Thursday at her favorite place.

The first couple left Washington on Wednesday for a mid-week trip to their beach house Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The place is specifically known to be Jill Biden’s favorite place to spend time at. It is also going to be President Biden’s first visit to the home during his presidency.

Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa confirmed the Biden’s visit to the beach on the occasion of first lady’s 70th birthday to CNN.

Some of the personal contacts of the Bidens also confirmed Jill’s love for the place. “Anyone who knows the first lady knows how much she enjoys her time at home in Rehoboth,” confirmed LaRosa.

According to Bidens’ acquaintance, this week long trip is going to be a “quiet” one. There are no special events planned for Jill’s birthday, except their family joining them on Thursday. One of the people who personally knows Jill told that it is the place where Jill hosts family and relax.

The Bidens will stay in their beach house worth $2.7 million, which they bought in 2017. Apparently, the beach house owned by Bidens in Rehoboth Beach was a gifted by Joe Biden to his wife Jill. Jill once told that Biden had promised Jill that he would buy her a beach house in Rebohoth, which was her dream for many years.

In March 2020, Biden told Vogue magazine, “I wanted it to be the kind of place where you can come in in your wet bathing suit and bare feet and I can just take the broom and brush out the sand. And that’s what this is. Everything’s easy.”

The President and the First Lady are expected to return to the White House on Friday, after spending the week at their beach house.

Today, the First Lady Jill Biden has turned 70, becoming the oldest sitting first lady in modern United States history.

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