Boston K-pop dancers claim man harassed them over ‘communism’

A group of Asian women claims a stranger in Boston ranted about “communism” and attacked them for wearing face masks while they were filming a K-pop dance routine in public, according to videos posted on TikTok.

The women, who belong to a local K-pop dance group called Hush Crew, say they were filming a dance routine in Boston’s busy Downtown Crossing shopping area Sunday when the man approached them and allegedly started berating them.      

One of the women, who goes by the name @celenana_na on TikTok, posted a clip of the man standing in front of them with the caption: “POV: You get attacked for being Asian while doing K-pop in public.”

“This is America, we’re allowed to do whatever the f—k we want. I get to wear [my mask], he gets to wear his mask,” the woman can be heard yelling.  

“You’re a racist a—hole,” another woman can be heard saying.

The man could then be seen trying to grab the woman’s phone.

The women were filming content for the group Hush Crew when they were harassed.

The video does not capture the lead-up to the alleged altercation, or the man speaking about communism or face masks.

A member of the group said in a follow-up TikTok video that some of their group had put face masks on while they were in between shooting takes for their dance video.

She said they initially thought the man was joking when he approached them and asked why they were covering their faces.

“Then he started talking about communism, that’s when we realized he was being racist against us,” @celenana_na said.

She claims that’s when she started filming but then he “swiped at my phone, he swiped at me.”

Boston man allegedly harasses Asian women
The women knew the man wasn’t approaching them in a friendly manner when he started ranting about communism, according to one group member.

“There was a bunch of other people around us wearing masks, but for some reason he approached us,” @celenana_na said.


It wasn’t immediately clear if police were investigating the incident or if an official complaint was made.

The Boston Police Department hasn’t yet responded to the Post’s request for comment.

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