Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston spotted flirting with each other

If you’re one of the many fans shipping a Christmas romance between Brad Pitt along with Jennifer Aniston, you’re sadly out of luck. Even the exes, who reunited at Jen’s holiday bash have a wonderful connection as friends, that’s it. We’ve discovered the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor, 56, and The Morning Show celebrity, 50, is concentrated on building and keeping their friendship right now, following years old between these.

“Regardless of what folks would like to see, Brad and Jen are only friends,” a source tells HollywoodLife, entirely. “They have built their bond and rekindled their friendship much more than it was the previous few decades now they’re both single,” the Arab states, explaining,”They have realized what’s important in life and because they shared much love for each other it is such a wonderful thing for them to have this kind of close friendship ”

The origin goes on to spell out why it’s been a transition to friendship after everything they’ve gone through over the years. “They anticipate each other and love the fact that they have someone who gets their own back, especially in Hollywood where hope and real friends are at the very least,” the insider says, imagining that they have been through a lot together and independently, which makes it simple to relate to one another.

Brad and Jen, who married in July 2000, shocked Hollywood when they divorced in 2005. Brad had struck up a romance with his afterward co-star Angelina Jolie on the set of the amorous action thriller, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where they played fans. However, things didn’t end happily ever after.

While Jen moved on, and remarried, everything looked picture perfect between Angelina and Brad. They traveled the world together purchased homes collectively, had kids of their own and adopted more.

But their relationship came to an end in September 2016 if Angelina registered divorce following an episode on a private jet, between their eldest son, Maddox, 18, who allegedly got into an altercation with Brad.

After a general divorce battle, agreements and Brad and Angelina’s divorce were made private by the courts. Both stars laid low for some time before stepping back out from the public eye. They ‘re and functioning on various movies and jobs in Hollywood.

Brad, particularly has been really occupied with producing and acting in a variety of films, in. In between his work, he’s been popping up because his ex, Jen, and eyes were on them. He also attended her 50th birthday party in LA back February, and then her holiday celebration at her Bel-Air home where he was reportedly among the last to leave. But, they’re just buddies.

Brad and Jen will reunite in the coming weeks since they have both been nominated for awards in the 2020 Golden Globes and also the 2020 SAG Awards. And, Wendy Williams even admitted that she’d like to watch them walk the red carpet together! We can dream, right?

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