Cameron Diaz looks beautiful on her Instagram story as she promotes her brand Avaline

Cameron Diaz promotes her wine brand Avaline on Instagram

After she retired from her acting profession, she started enjoying all the small and important things. Recently, in one of her Instagram stories, she featured for her wine brand Avaline. In her video, she was funnily plucking grapes for wines. Although the video was casual and funny, yet this 48 years old star was looking marvelous. She was in a vineyard and wore a strappy white top and a purple bra. Cameron is a sweet mother and is currently enjoying her family time after retirement.

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Her hair was in an easy and casual ponytail along with shaggy face-framing bangs. Overall, she was looking carefree and marvelous. Cameron, in her video, was picking grapes from the vineyard. While she was at it, she even dropped the grapes. She looked away from the camera to pick up the fruits and showed a bottle of Avaline wine. The way she chose for promoting her brand was very simple and natural.

She was carrying the wine bottle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, ready to sip it. After drinking it, she said, “Ahh, fresh!’ By the end of the video, Diaz started laughing, as she was aware that the video is going to be ridiculous. She captioned the video as, ‘Fresh, delicious, made with certified organic grapes.’

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