Carlos Correa, Astros rout White Sox, reach ALCS


Carlos Correa had a message for Ryan Tepera after Correa’s Houston Astros knocked Tepera’s Chicago White Sox out of the playoffs on Tuesday.

Correa’s Astros won Game 4 of their ALDS with the White Sox 10-1 in Chicago on Tuesday to clinch the series. The Astros had 10 runs on 14 hits in the game. Correa went 2-for-4 with two RBI.

After the game, the Astros shortstop delivered a message to Tepera, who accused the Astros of funny business earlier in the series. Beware, the video contains profanity.

“He said what he said. I encourage the players when you’re gonna talk s— about other teams, state facts,” Correa said (profanity edited by LBS). “If you don’t state facts then you lose credibility in this game.

“It’s unfortunate he had to say those words, because we came out here hungry.”

Tepera thought it was interesting that the Astros won both of their games at home but lost Game 3 on the road. The Astros were found to have cheated by illegally using electronic help to steal and relay signs during the 2017 postseason. The Astros had a special setup for their home games that allowed them to cheat. Tepera felt like Game 3’s outcome was proof that Houston is doing something funny at home, while the Astros lack the same advantage on the road.

The Astros responded by putting 10 runs on the board in Game 4 on the road.

Interestingly, the Astros scored 15 runs in two home games during the series, and 16 runs in two road games during the series. That seems pretty even regardless of location.


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