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Characters of John Wick, a film directed by Chad Stahelski!

John Wick is an American neo-noir action thriller film. The film is directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad, and is the 1st installment in the John Wick series. The story focuses on John Wick, who searches for men who entered his house, killed the puppy, and stole his vintage car. The puppy was the last gift from his wife, who died recently—the film released on October 24, 2014 (United States).

Characters of John Wick –

John Wick – The character is played by Keanu Reeves. He is a former hitman who returns to the underworld. When he is seen in the film for the 1st time, he is a grieving man who lost his wife. But he has lived in two worlds: in one, he’s an assassin, and in one, he is happily married. He tries to forget his past, but without his wife, he is lost.

Viggo Tarasov – Michael Nyqvist plays the character. He is the head of the Tarasov family and an enterprising businessman with questionable roots. He is a street brawler raised in the slums of Kiev and worked up his way in the underworld food chain. Viggo shares a good bond with John because he is good at his work, but it breaks down when John comes for Iosef.

Iosef Tarasov – Alfie Evan Allen plays the character. He is the son of Viggo Tarasov, who is arrogant, entitled, and foolish. Iosef is a rich kid who thinks of himself as a tough guy. In his mind, he has the wound from the battle. He is one of the spoiled kids.

Ms. Perkins – Adrianne Lee Palicki plays the character. She is a female contract killer and a former acquaintance of John.

Helen Wick – The character is played by Bridget Moynahan. She is the wife of John and brought light and joy into John’s life. Helen met John at a restaurant, and eventually, both fell in love, and she motivates John to retire from the life of killing. Later they both married, and she gifted him a vintage car. Their marriage lasts only for five years as she passed away due to illness.

Avi – The character is played by Dean Gerard Winters. He is Viggo’s right hand, the second in command, and he has been his lawyer for many years. 

Winston – Ian David McShane plays the character. The enigmatic owner of the Continental Hotel.

Aurelio – John Alberto Leguizamo plays the character. He is Aurelio’s Garage’s owner, where stolen vehicles are dismantled. 

Marcus – Willem Dafoe plays the character. He is a member of the old guard of assassins who is battle-hardened, reliable, and amongst the elite.



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