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Christina Haack slams the critics of her relationship with Joshua Hall!

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The famous TV personality Christina Haack, popularly known for her appearance in HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop’, recently announced her new relationship story to the world, slamming her haters!

Christina Haack (38) is in a relationship with Joshua Hall, who is a real estate agent and a former police officer. As told by Haack, she has been with Hall for for a “few solid months.” Recently, the couple was captured heading for their trip to Mexico, which was before Haack’s official announcement. Since then, there has been speculations and rumors about the two.

In order to clear the hearsay about her and Hall, Haack took it to Instagram on Thursday, and announced her relationship with Joshua, along with a picture of the two from their vacation. She accompanied the photo with a big caption explaining how she met Joshua.

Haack wrote, “I met Josh when I wasn’t in a state of fear or fight-or-flight … I had taken time off social, hired a spiritual coach and smoked a Bufo toad… When we met this past spring, the synchronicities hit us so hard and fast they were impossible to ignore. I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit.”

However, the Flip or Flop host was furious over media when they started capturing the two on their getaway. Haack stated, “So called “fame” provides so many things but it comes with a cost. They build you up then tear you down.”

“When I saw a camera behind us at the airport my heart started beating out of my chest and my hands shaking – And not for me but for him. I know they dig and dig and I didn’t ever want to see him stress over the media stalking him and his family,” said Christina. She added, “Which obviously has already begun to a uncomfortable degree. False narratives being thrown around left and right.

Writing about toxicity of social media, Haack stated, “We decided whats in the past, is in the past. We aren’t looking at all the nonsense online. The internet and social are great for businesses or staying up to date on fam/friends but also, can be toxic and (let’s be real) pretty fake.”

“I may be a bit crazy and i’m definitely not perfect but I will never live my life based on other peoples judgments or opinions,” said Haack.

Other than that, the TV personality also thanked her boyfriend Hall for their romantic holiday. At the end, slamming the critics, Haack wrote, “So yes “another relationship” and guess what. I’m 38 -I’ll do what I want.”

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