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CNN’s new boss has told the network to stop putting “breaking news” on everythingl

According to a memo that CNN’s new boss Chris Licht sent to staff, he is tired of the network’s overuse of the “breaking news” banner on its stories.

Licht talked about how “breaking news” is used too much on the cable network as he moves CNN away from the opinion-based shows that Jeff Zucker pushed.

“We are truth-tellers who want to inform our viewers, not scare them,” Licht said in a memo that Axios got a hold of on Thursday.

The executive said he agreed with complaints from “people inside and outside the organisation” that the network overuses the “Breaking News” banner, even though it has become a “fixture” in cable news.

The memo said that CNN bureau chief Sam Feist led a team that made a new stylebook with rules for when to flash “Breaking News.”

“You’ve already seen a lot less of the ‘Breaking News’ banner on our shows,” Licht wrote. He added that the network is still making changes to the rules, but that the term will be used only when “something BIG is going on.”

The CEO of CNN’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, is behind the change in CNN’s tone. During a recent town hall meeting, Zaslav said that CNN should be about the truth and facts.

Zaslav said at the time, “If we get that, we can have a civilised society.” “And we don’t have a civilised society if we don’t have it, and if all we do is advocate.”

This year, CNN has been under a lot of scrutiny because of how its former boss, Zucker, handled some high-profile scandals. Zucker’s firing of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo in December was one of the worst things he did. The anchor was found to be helping his brother, the former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, in a secret way. Cuomo had been accused of sexual harassment, which led to him resigning from office.

Breaking News CNN Senate Fails To Pass Deal to Fund Government Shut Down Frame grab from CNN

Jeffrey Toobin on CNN with a breaking news banner.

Soon after that, Zucker quit his job in February, saying that he was having a relationship with a coworker. CNN employees were upset about Zucker’s departure and the idea that Cuomo would get a huge severance package even though he broke journalistic rules by covering his brother in a way that wasn’t fair.

But even before that, billionaire media mogul John Malone, who was a close friend of Zaslav’s and a board member of the new company, said that CNN’s coverage was biassed.

In an interview with CNBC last November, Malone said, “I’d like to see CNN go back to the kind of journalism that it started with and hire real journalists. That would be different and interesting.” “I do think that good journalism could be a part of what Discovery-TimeWarner will offer in the future.”

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