Costco return policy offers full refunds for used bed sheets

Looks like Costco has an amazing return policy.

A TikTok user alleging to be a Costco employee shared a video on the platform where she revealed some of the warehouse retailer’s wildest refund requests. 

The clip has since been viewed almost 3 million times. The user goes by the name Hannah and filmed herself responding to the query, “Questions we get all the time at refunds.”

“I used these bed sheets for 5 years,” Hannah wrote on the video. “Can I return it?”

“Yes! [you] get a full refund,” she wrote again.

Another question was, “Can I return a dead Christmas tree after Christmas?” 

The answer: “Yes! You’ll get a full refund.” Customers have even asked, “Can I return this pie even [though] there’s only a quarter of it left?” To which, Hannah replied, “SURE! Here’s ur money back.”

Fans were so in shock that they took to the comments to ponder Costco’s refund policy even further. One said, “Costco also has the right to refund the person’s membership if they are abusing the return policy. My husband was warned.”

“My social anxiety could never,” another viewer wrote. “I’d be so embarrassed.”

According to Costco’s return policy, members have a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee.” The wholesaler also “guarantees your satisfaction on every product we sell, and will refund your purchase price, with the following exceptions.”

Exceptions include electronics (they can be returned within 90 days), cigarettes, alcohol and diamonds over 1.00 carat.

Certain products like tires or batteries also can’t be returned due to their limited useful life expectancy.

The Post spoke to the megastore’s executive VP Richard Galanti, who was forthcoming about the famed Costco return policy, which allows customers to return anything at anytime. He offered no further comment regarding this instance and cited the policy.

In 2018, a customer returned her dead tree to the store 10 days after Christmas. She was able to get all of her moolah back from a Costco in Santa Clara, California.

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