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Delia Fiallo, known as “mother of telenovelas” dies at 96!

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Delia Fiallo, the Cuban author and screenwriter from Miami, famously known as the mother of Latin Soap operas passed away at the age of 96 on Tuesday. The cause of death is not told yet.

Fiallo’s death was initially reported by The Televisa Network stating her daughter’s affirmation. The news was confirmed to the news outlet CNN by a source closer to Fiallo. According to Fiallo’s caregiver, the author died at her home Coral Gables surrounded by children. It was going to be Delia’s 97th birthday on 4th July.

As her title states, Delia Fiolla greatly contributed to the Television and Radio. The mother of Latin Telenovas wrote more than 40 radio and television works. Her major original works included “Cristal,” “Esmeralda,” “La Zulianita,” and “María del Mar,” which she herself adapted later for television. Some of her Television hits include, “Cristal,” “Kassandra” and “Leonela,” and many other brilliant shows.

Fiallo’s work wasn’t just confined to the a country, her work is popular around the world. For instance, her shows “Esmeralda,” “Lucecita,” “Peregrina,” were translated into other languages such as Japanese and Czech. Delia Fiallo’s work reached millions of audience throughout every continent.

Fiallo’s legendary work certainly influenced many. A “Goddess of Telenovelas” award was also created in her name at the 9th annual Summit of the Telenovela Industry in 2011

Though her last work came out thirty years ago, Delia Fiallo’s death is a great loss to the entertainment industry. Reacting to the news, the author’s fans remembered her and her work, and paid tribute to Fiona on Twitter. One of the fans wrote, “RIP my dear #DeliaFiallo… I grew up watching your novelas and will always cherish your talent.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Another loss to the world of stories. Cuban born Delia Fiallo wrote so many telenovellas for Latino audiences and beyond. Now, she’s writing in the clouds and sky. Gracias, Delia. Rest peacefully.”

“I used to love sitting in a Colombian restaurant eating dinner while watching “Esmeralda” after work each day. Delia Fiallo was a fabulous storyteller. It’s so sad to say goodbye,” wrote a fan of Delia’s work on Twitter.

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