Does Drew Brees have a scar on his face?

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is an established American football quarterback for NFL’s New Orleans Saints. He has gained massive respect in football ever since his university days. In 2000 he earned a post-graduate scholarship from the National Football Foundation. It didn’t take him much time to rise from being a popular college footballer to a national footballer. He was chosen for the 2001 NFL Draft by San Diego Chargers after college. He met with tragic injuries in his initial days, and later, he joined the New Orleans Saints. He has received many titles Academic All-American Player of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, and the NFL’s Comeback Player.

Drew Brees was born in Austin, Texas, on 15th January 1979 and both his parents worked in a law firm. He has a younger brother. From a young age, only he liked sports very much. Both his parents were part of sports at their young age. Marty Akins, his maternal uncle, was a quarterback for Texas Longhorns.

Details about Drew Brees face –

For years his face scar has been a topic of discussion. People thought that the scar is due to injury for an extended period, but in an interview, Drew shared that it was a bookmark, and he was bullied for having it for years. He also shared that people ask him to wipe from the face and called him different nicknames. People call him by spot name, and he thought they were trying to be malicious. People were trying to be hurtful, and he wanted to brush it off.

Drew told his mother that an angel kissed him in that place, which motivated him. In his book, he mentioned that he never thought of doing plastic “It set me apart from everyone else. … Now, it’s just a part of who I am.” Now, he sees it as something that makes him unique and special. He was born with a mole, and the doctor considered it harmless. When he was older, doctors told him to remove it, but he said no to it.

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