Everything you wanted to know about Call of Duty mobile

The PUBG mobile has got a new competition known as Call of Duty which is all set to be released on October 1. The Beta version of Call of Duty was released a few months back but now, the stable version of Call of Duty is going to be released very soon.

The company is performing Activision in order to gear up the launch of Call of Duty. It has already been announced at the conference of GDC gaming earlier this year that the upcoming game will be freely available to anyone.

Any person can download the game from the official store and enjoy the popular weapons, maps, and characters from across all the series of Call of Duty. It has been said that the new Call of Duty will be going to take over Fortnite, PUBG mobile, and other royal battle games.

Ahead of the official release of the game for Android and iOS as well, here are some of the features of the games that must be known to everyone-

After the completion of the introductory module, the users of Call of Duty Mobile will be allowed to set the game as per their comfort. They can customize loadouts with secondary and primary weapons, add different types of equipment, choose the type of soldier or player and many more.

Once you become a pro in the game by completing all the objectives and missions, you will be rewarded with classic Call of Duty characters.

While playing, the gamers will be given an option to choose between Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, etc.

In the game, 100 players can enter at a time like a royal battle. You can play in “Dual-mode” or “Solo” or you can even choose the “Quad-player” option.

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