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French Appeal To EU Regarding Garbage Dumps From The United Kingdom

ground littered with plastic bottles

Europe’s population density caused it to reach its landfill capacity limit long ago. Several European nations use incinerators, but they are less and less popular since they generate too much toxic waste and air pollution. As a result, some European countries have started implementing systems to eliminate a lot of rubbish that would otherwise need to be burned or discarded. Thanks to the implementation of packaging and bottle return rules, cutting-edge garbage technologies, and the employment of vigorous recycling programs. Three Euro MPs claimed that the UK endangers the health and marine life along the French coast by permitting raw sewage to be thrown into the North Sea and the Channel. Following sewage overflows into rivers and the sea brought on by heavy rain, pollution alerts have been issued for over 50 beaches in England and Wales. The French MEPs charge that the UK has disregarded its environmental obligations and put fishing and marine life at risk. British water firms have stated that they are spending money to find a solution. The MEPs said in a letter requesting that the European Commission take legal or political action that the United Kingdom has ignored its environmental obligations since leaving the European Union.


How Come Raw Sewage Is Pumped into The Ocean? 

The 20 years of progress in raising water quality standards in Europe could not be jeopardized by allowing the UK to ignore its duties under the conditions of Brexit. The MEPs warned that temporary sewage leaks could risk the seas around the French coast used for bathing, oyster farming, and fishing. Additionally, they might harm marine biodiversity. In most of the United Kingdom, a combined sewage system allows rainwater and toilet waste to be delivered to sewage treatment facilities through the same pipes. To avoid homes and public spaces flooding during heavy rains, the system is designed to occasionally overflow and discharge untreated sewage into rivers and the sea. Because of the dry earth’s reduced ability to absorb water, the recent hot weather has increased the likelihood of floods.


How Will Dumping Sewage Affect the Environment in Region?

The Ecosystem Agency warned that sewage contamination might harm local biodiversity, human health, and the environment. It declared it would “act without delay to end the harm that sewage discharges due to the environment.” It has previously demanded that England’s water company officials be sentenced to jail when severe violations are found. It has previously requested that when significant instances of contamination occur, the top executives of England’s water companies be sentenced to prison. The government has stated that a plan to reduce storm overflows will be developed by September this year. The Environment Act of 2021 made this a requirement of the law.

The raw sewage pumped into the ocean will result in adverse effects on marine life in the ocean. Therefore, we can conclude that The UK was still a signatory to relevant United Nations conventions on protecting shared waterways, they contended, despite no longer being subject to EU laws. The formulations of rules that make the environment clean are a must to save a life in the ocean, subsequently protecting the earth’s ecosystem.


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