Google Cloud has chosen Mobolize to enable zero-trust security on mobile devices

Google Cloud has chosen Mobolize to enable zero-trust security on mobile devices.

LOS ALTOS, California – Mobolize announced a partnership with Google Cloud to enable enterprise mobile apps to have zero trust security access from both managed and unmanaged mobile devices. Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise will incorporate Mobolize’s unique on-device Data Management Engine to give simple, safe, and secure access to enterprise mobile apps. This connection will also take advantage of the browser’s built-in data and threat security, which comes standard with BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Mobolize is an expert in on-device data traffic management who helps service and technology companies bring security and connectivity solutions to mobile devices. The Data Management Engine was created with a similar code for all endpoint operating systems in mind. As a consequence, it’s easy to set up and ensures that partners’ solutions are consistent across endpoints. On phones, tablets, and laptops, this covers Android, Chrome, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

The Data Management Engine uses a SmartVPN® to intelligently manage data traffic and performs adjustable routing and other unique features based on a partner’s needs. Mobolize’s Data Management Engine will enable precision data traffic routing to BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google’s zero trust access platform that allows businesses to enable employees to work from anywhere and securely access applications in the cloud or on-premises, as part of the Google Cloud collaboration.

The security parameter has now been extended to mobile devices, according to Gartner, a technology research firm. “In the era of cloud computing and big data, the network security perimeter is gradually disintegrating, and internal and external threats are intensifying, leading to a failure of the traditional perimeter-based security architecture, thus the zero trust security architecture comes into being,” according to Gartner’s “Zero Trust Architecture and Solutions” report.

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“Google Cloud understood that offering a high-performance zero trust security solution to the large range of mobile devices used by employees today is a challenging job that demands strong mobile experience,” stated Mobolize CEO Philip Mustain. “Mobolize is well positioned to deliver zero trust security from mobile devices for Google Cloud, with more than a decade of focused on computer and mobile technology.”

“A hybrid workplace is here to stay,” said Tim Knudsen, Director of Zero Trust Products at Google Cloud. “Enabling zero trust access regardless of location or device is a requirement for all companies.” “We’ll be able to give the enterprise flexible, flawlessly integrated access options depending on the application use case by integrating with Mobolize’s Data Management Engine.”

“Our partnership with Google Cloud demonstrates their belief in Mobolize’s technology as a critical component of providing zero trust security to mobile endpoints,” said Colleen LeCount, Mobolize Chief Revenue Officer. “Google chose Mobolize as a technology partner for crucial mobile use cases because of our advantage of an on-device Data Management Engine with a common code base across all mobile endpoints.”

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