Google Maps is unavailable due to a global outage

On Friday afternoon, Google Maps appeared to be down all around the world, with users complaining that the service was down and maps were not loading.

Users began reporting issues with Google Maps not loading at 11:30 a.m. ET, according to DownDetector, a site that records outages. The service “refuses to fully load map,” according to one disgruntled customer.

The outage was confirmed by Google. “We’re seeing reports of issues accessing some Google Maps and Google Maps Platform services,” a Google spokeswoman told The Washington Post. Our team is evaluating the situation and attempting to resolve it as soon as possible.”

When The Washington Post tried to use Google Maps on an Android phone, the service displayed a brief error notice before failing to render the map image.

For planning driving routes and assessing traffic conditions, Google Maps is commonly utilised. The site displays satellite photos of areas all over the world, down to street level in many cases.

For many users, Google Maps was not loading.
Google Maps is a mapping service provided by Google.

Apple Maps, a competitor to Google Maps, was unaffected by the outage.

Users instantly flocked to Twitter to express their disappointment that Google Maps was not working.

“Google Maps is down, so we’re stuck reading road signs like cavemen,” one user remarked.

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