UAE Green Visa Launch

UAE Green Visa Launch

The UAE has relaxed visa requirements in several ways to encourage visitors to stay. Here are three categories for ex-pats that qualify for a 5-year Green Visa: To attract qualified professionals, high net worth individuals and businesspeople to invest and settle in the United Arab Emirates, the country has been steadily revising its entry and visa issuing regulations. There are various types of visas, including ordinary tourist visas, five-year visas that allow multiple visits to the UAE, and golden visas. The UAE recently announced the launch of a Green Visa with five-year validity. A resident visa, known as the “Green Visa,” enables the holder to sponsor himself for five years. It would go into force on September 5, 2022.


A nation in Western Asia is known as the United Arab Emirates or just the Emirates (The Middle East). It shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran. The country’s capital is Abu Dhabi, while Dubai, the most populated city, serves as a major international hub.

The UAE economy as a whole is growing thanks to the tourism industry. The Middle East’s #1 tourist destination is Dubai. Dubai is the world’s fifth most well-liked travel destination, according to the annual MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. In the UAE, Dubai accounts for up to 66% of the tourism industry, followed by Abu Dhabi with 16% and Sharjah with 10%. In 2013, 10 million tourists visited Dubai. The infrastructure of the UAE is the most sophisticated and developed in the region.

The UAE has invested enormous sums of money in infrastructure since the 1980s. The larger emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai stand out as clear examples of these developments. The northern emirates quickly follow suit and offer significant incentives for residential and commercial property development. In the UAE, inbound tourism expenditures comprised 118.6% of total outbound tourism spending in 2019.

United Arab Emirates tourist visas are available for five years starting on January 6, 2020. The travel and tourism sector are anticipated to contribute around 280.6 billion United Arab Emirati dirham to the UAE’s GDP by 2028.

Green Visa

The UAE is moving closer to becoming the finest destination for employment, investment, entrepreneurship, education, and living by revising its entry and residency policies. Recently, the government has declared new categories for Golden Visas, admission visas, and resident permits.

A new system of admission and residence has been put in place to attract and retain qualified workers from all over the world, boost the flexibility and competitiveness of the employment market, and foster a high degree of stability among UAE nationals and their families.

New Visa

In the UAE, foreigners make up 85% of the entire population. As a result, foreign employees look for updated visa policies and entry requirements to live comfortably and enjoy the UAE’s standard of living. The Green Visa will make it simpler for foreign nationals to live and work in the UAE.

Green Visa Offer

Expatriates would be able to support themselves for five years under the Green Visa. They would additionally be permitted to sponsor their partners, kids, and first-degree relatives. The family member’s Visa would have the same duration and validity as the primary holder’s Visa.

Green Visa eligibility

The following three types of foreigners would be qualified for a Green Visa:

  • Educated professionals

Highly skilled workers can obtain a Green visa without an employer or sponsor. They must have a Bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for employment and make at least DH15,000 annually. They must fall within the first three occupational levels as specified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and have an employment contract in their name.

  • Self-employed people and independent contractors

If self-employment/freelance permission is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, freelancers and self-employed people are eligible for the Visa. A specialist diploma or a Bachelor’s degree is the required minimum education. The annual income for the previous two years must have been at least Dh360,000. As an alternative, the applicant would be qualified for the Visa provided they could provide evidence of their financial stability while living in the UAE.

  • partners or Investors

Partners and investors can use Visa to encourage investments in commercial ventures. It is suitable for five years. The applicant would need to provide approval and proof of investment. Additionally, consent from the appropriate municipal authorities is required, and the total capital would be considered in the case of several licenses.


The cost of the UAE green Visa is not yet announced. The cost will be announced shortly by the authorities.

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