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Iconic singer and model Nick Kamen dies at 59!

Source: Donnaweb

Nick Kamen, an iconic singer and the model, famously known for Levi’s commercial, passed away at the age of 59. As of now, the cause of death has not been reported.

Nick Kamen was originally known as Ivor Neville Kamen. He became a part of the model industry at 18, and his Levi’s advertisement resulted in a dramatic boost in the company’s sales. Moreover, the ad ranked in the list of 100 greatest ads of all time.

This specific commercial caught Madonna’s attention, and the two ended up collaborating. Kamen became a music sensation after he collaborated with Madonna, and recorded “Each Time You Break My Heart” in 1986. The song was co-written by her, and Kamen became her protégé.

Soon after the news of Kamen’s death surfaced, people flooded social media, paying tribute to the star. Nick’s close friend Boy George shared a photo of him and Nick and captioned, “R.I.P. to the most beautiful and sweetest man Nick Kamen!”

Singer Tanita Tikaram also paid a tribute to the star. She tweeted, “Sad to hear that Nick Kamen has died. We met a few times when I was starting out in music as we were signed to the same label. He was kind & sweet, none of the ego of someone who had just set the world alight with his extraordinary beauty My condolences to his family.

As per Daily Mail, Kamen’s neighbor told that Nick thought him still being alive was a miracle. The source said, “He was very weak but I was delighted to see him going for a walk with Lucinda but he barely managed to stay on his feet.” As per the sources, Nick Kamen’s body was brought out of his home after 2p. The neighbors told that Lucinda, who was Kamen’s good friend, looked after him.

The cause of the death isn’t known yet, but one of the neighbors said, “Nick knew he was dying for quite some time and Lucinda was a great comfort to him… Nick came from quite a large family and a lot of them would come to visit him too. He had a fantastic life but we will all miss him.”

June 2021