If the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl, politicians in New York City will attempt to cancel the Empire State Building tribute.

Some New York politicians are attempting to stop the Empire State Building from painting its iconic spire green and white if the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

City Council Majority Leader Keith Powers, who represents the neighbourhood surrounding the iconic high-rise in Manhattan, and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine sent an angry letter to Anthony Malkin, the head of management company Empire State Realty Trust, demanding that the Eagles not be honoured if they win.

“Like many New Yorkers, we were disappointed to see the Empire State Building lit up to commemorate the Philadelphia Eagles when they won the NFC Championship in late January,” the politicians wrote.

They stated, “We have heard that same sad tragedy will occur again tonight when the Philadelphia Eagles play in Super Bowl LVII.”

“There are numerous professional sports teams to celebrate in New York City. Surely we can resist from supporting these teams’ fiercest opponents.”

What’s next, replacing all of our bodegas with Wal-Marts?

Levine stated, “We will never give up our position as the hub of Big Blue and Gang Green’s commitment… New York enthusiasts will accept nothing less.”

Last month, the building’s colour scheme honouring the Eagles sparked a local controversy. However, ESB’s management confidently pledged to continue turn the lights on the spire to celebrate either the Philadelphia Eagles or their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, on Sunday night, arguing that the building is a “global brand” that is not bound to any one city.

“The Empire State Building will continue its annual practise of serving as a virtual scoreboard for the Super Bowl, and will then illuminate for the winning team,” a representative for the building’s management business stated at the time.

According to sources close to the incident, the management organisation considers the debate “amusing.”

However, Powers and Levine are not amused.

In their letter, they took extra aim at the Philadelphia team.

Their letter stated, “The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have been in the same division for 90 years, beginning with their first meeting on October 15, 1933, which the Giants won 56-0.”

“As steward of the Empire State Building, the Empire State Realty Trust should maintain its relationship with our city in all aspects, including the building’s illumination. It is not known as the Keystone Commonwealth Building, after all.”

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