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In response to an angry customer who was covered in sauce, the restaurant “scammed” him

You shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but sauce on your back is a different story.

TikTok user Kristen Lang stirred up social media when she said that her boyfriend had accidentally worn a meal at a restaurant, and that the restaurant only gave them a 70% discount on drinks for their trouble.

Now, Lang is warning people on social media not to sit next to the kitchen in a restaurant because staff spilled sauce on her date’s back and ruined his shirt.

She wrote over the video, which has more than 5.6 million views, “This is your sign to never sit by the kitchen at a restaurant.” “Lit. Help!”

In the 7-second clip, Lang showed how close they were to the open kitchen. She then cut to the back of her boyfriend’s blue-and-white striped shirt, which was covered in an orange sauce.

She said that after the incident, the restaurant gave them 70% off their drinks. This made Lang’s fans angry, and many of them agreed that the restaurant “played her” by giving them a discount instead of giving them the whole meal for free.

She hasn't been able to get the stains out of her boyfriend's shirt.

“At that point, I’d just say, “I don’t want drinks for 70% off.” Just let me throw the chef a bowl of sauce. “I have no idea how they thought it was fair,” said one TikTok user.

“The whole meal should have been free. entrees, mains, desserts, and drinks! Plus, the owner apologised. or there will be an angry post on Facebook,” said someone else.

“This is one of the few times when you can go full Karen mode,” someone joked. “At that point, I would have just left the restaurant.”

Lang said in a follow-up video that she probably would have said more if it had been mostly spilled on her instead of her boyfriend.

“We laughed about it, and they gave us 70 percent off our drinks,” she told her followers. “I have to say, though, that if those were my clothes and I was sitting where he was, I probably would have gotten up and left.”

The TikToker also said that she thought she could get the stains out of his shirt, but hasn’t been able to do so yet.

“I pretty much immediately soaked it in cold water, sprayed it all over with OxiClean, and washed it in cold water, but it didn’t come out,” she says, showing the shirt with dull stains still on it.

The update just enraged viewers more.

One critic said, “They should have paid for your whole meal because they ruined a whole shirt.”

“They ripped you off, you could have gotten a lot more out of that,” said someone else.

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