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Is Tiffany Haddish replacing Ellen DeGeneres on the show?

Source: Showcelnews.com

Soon after Ellen DeGeneres announced ending the show after 19th season, the actor Tiffany Haddish was rumored to replace the talk show host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and take over her daytime slot.

Finally, Haddish herself cleared the rumors by directly addressing them. Haddish, who has appeared on the show multiple times both as guest and guest host, said that she had not received any communication from the team of the show.

The actor also stated “the reason I’ve even been popping up guest-hosting ‘Ellen’ is because she wanted some days off.”

Since the news of Ellen wrapping up the show came out, many names have emerged to be taking place of the show. However, Tiffany Haddish was the one that came out more than others. However, as cleared by the actor herself, who responded to the rumors during Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Breakfast Club’ podcast, there is no official information about Haddish taking over.

Tiffany said, “I haven’t commented on it because ain’t nobody that give those jobs talk to me about it. The reason I’ve even been popping up guest-hosting ‘Ellen’ is because she wanted some days off.”

Nonetheless, when asked by Fox News id she would be interested to take over, Tiffany said, “I’m learning a new skill, that’s it. Y’all just watching me learn in front of everybody.” She also stated that she will appear on the show as the guest host again, but isn’t sure if anybody is looking to replace her with Ellen.

Tiffany explained, “I don’t know if that’s grooming me to take over because ain’t nobody talk to me about that. Ain’t nobody said nothing to me about that.” However, talking about if she would take such a gig if offered, she said only “if I could get what Ellen getting.”

Other than Tiffany, The Ellen DeGeneres Show have seen other guest hosts in her absence including Rob Lowe, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Aniston and others.

June 2021