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James Gunn talks how The Suicide Squad changed his life!

Source: The Morning Call

Director James Gunn, famously known for his directorial film “The Suicide Squad” recently revealed how the film saved him from ruining his career.

In a recent interview with Esquire, James opened up about how he dealt with parting ways with Marvel and him working with DC for “The Suicide Squad.” Apparently, the movie helped him greatly during this change of his life, and credited the movie for saving his life by arriving at just the right time.

Gunn said, “I’m baffled by where my life is right now, considering where it was almost exactly three years ago. It may sound stupid, but I thank God for all the stuff that I went through, because I really needed this movie,”

James Gunn continued, “I needed to tell the story. I needed to meet the people who I’ve met while doing this film.”

The 54 year old director said that the movie allowed and helped him to break free of what and where he was at the time he was fired by Marvel as the director of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” director in 2018. Gunn said, “I just needed this movie. I needed to break outside of where I was, because I was not the healthiest person at that time.”

“I was getting distracted by things that didn’t matter as much to me. With this, I really got back to just this pure creative spirit, which is why I made movies in the first place. And I think I had forgotten that a little bit,” Gunn revealed.

Other than that, James gave credits to “The Suicide Squad” for rekindling his interest and spirit for filmmaking. Gunn further expressed how much The Suicide Squad means to him, explaining that from a creative point of view, the movie helped the director rediscover the reason why he wanted to start making movies in the first place, which James said had been slightly lost along the way.

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