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Jill Biden and Kate Middleton visit UK classroom!

Source: Fox News

First Lady Jill Biden, along with the Duchess of Cambridge visited a UK classroom on Friday, with the aim to discuss early childhood education and its importance.

As the US President Joe Biden is currently taking part in the G7 Summit, which is taking place in Cornwall, England, Jill Biden and Kate Middleton visited Connor Downs Academy in Hayle, West Cornwall. Kate Middleton arrived first at the school, who received Jill Biden and they walked towards the school together.

Connor Downs Academy is a “trauma informed school”, which works with the students who has experienced trauma in their lives. The school is state funded, and reportedly has a waiting list.

At the school, the first lady addressed and met with the children. Meanwhile, she also played with Legos along with some kids and watched the children draw. Notably, Kate Middleton and Jill Biden are to take part in various activities with the children, including showing them how they can help care for the rescued bunnies in the outdoor classrooms.

Jill Biden said on Friday, “It’s very important to the foundation. As a teacher at the upper levels if they don’t have a good foundation they fall so far behind. “This is amazing to see how far advanced they are.”

The head of school Janice Eddy told the reports about the working of school. She told that the school has outdoor classes, where children also plant vegetables and flowers, and get to play with the animals. Eddy stated animals help children understand empathy, learn to care for them and nurture them.

Talking about Jill Biden and Kate Middleton’s visit, Eddy said, “They are quite aware of who’s coming. And obviously incredibly excited in the way that a four or five year old can be. Perhaps not completely understanding.”

According to the reports, Biden and Middleton took part in a roundtable with four early childhood experts from the United Kingdom. U.S. experts also joined the roundtable discussion via Zoom. In the meeting, the first lady and the Duchess of Cambridge discussed the “importance of providing adequate support for parents and children alike during early childhood, and the positive impact that this can have across society.”

During the roundtable, Kate Middleton addressed the importance of first five years in a child’s development. Meanwhile, Jill Biden addressed the effects of the pandemic, and stated the positive impacts as well. Biden said, “I love that you’re educating dads and fathers,” Biden said. “For so long, it has been the mother caregiving.”

The First Lady added, “The positive thing of the pandemic, we’ve seen both parents pitching in. Dads realizing it is hard. The pandemic has had a positive effect–Parents are now working with teachers closer–it is just such a fascinating discussion.”

As Middleton’s office stated, “She, along with President Biden, are committed to increasing opportunities for all children and young people to grow, learn, and gain the skills they need to succeed.”

June 2021