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Joe Rogan accuses woke Big Tech workers of being “mentally ill”

Joe Rogan slammed woke “activist” employees of big Silicon Valley tech companies, calling them “mentally ill” and “lunatics who are running the asylum to a degree.”

Rogan made the remarks during a Wednesday discussion on his Spotify podcast with Antonio Garca Martnez, an ex-engineer at Apple and Facebook who left the company after colleagues complained about “misogynistic” writings in his book.

During the episode, Rogan inquired about Martnez’s experience working for a huge software corporation.

“When we look at it from the outside, we think, ‘How are those f—king places run?'” According to Rogan.

Before leaving Google for another “big tech company,” the stand-up comic said he had a conversation with a “good friend” who was in a management role.

“She put it to me like this: ‘It’s pure craziness,'” Rogan remarked.

According to Rogan, “the lunatics are running the asylum to some level because there are a lot of people working inside the corporation now who are legitimately mentally ill and consider themselves activists.”

He went on to say that tech executives at these organisations “had to satisfy” their employees “because they’re a certain percentage of the workforce, and they’re the loudest, and they frequently don’t get work done.”

Rogan made the remark while speaking with Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Apple engineer who quit after employees complained about his book’s allegedly misogynistic writings.

When these workers are “confronted” with not getting their task done, Rogan says, “they talk about their activism.”

“You are here for X amount of hours each day,” he said his friend was forced to remind tech staff. This is a f—–g job for you. “You’re not a political activist.”

Martnez told Rogan that firms are partly to fault since human resources departments push employees to “present their true selves to work.”

Employees are brought to a “campus lifestyle” where “they do your laundry for you” and “feed you,” he said, describing huge tech businesses like Facebook as “sort of like a cult.”

“Facebook was a cult,” Martnez said. “I joined it, and I was a happy member of it.” “It had a lot of impact. For the sake of the empire and its emperor, everyone gave their lives.”

Rogan has been a vocal critic of digital companies for banning and deplatforming folks with non-mainstream beliefs.

Spotify, which had signed Rogan to a nine-figure licencing deal, was forced to drop him after rocker Neil Young and other artists deleted their tracks off the streaming platform.

Rogan has been accused of giving critics of COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic lockdown tactics a platform on his show. He says he’s not a “anti-vaxxer.”

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