Jungkook’s Day

The golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook of BTS was born on September 1st. It goes without saying that the birthdays of any BTS members are celebrated like a worldwide festival by the ARMYs. Fans of the Golden Maknae have been planning birthday projects, DJ parties, and installations for weeks before September 1 across the globe, from Peru to the Philippines and India. This year marks Jungkook’s 25th birthday, which is reflected in many of the party themes. The ARMYs, BTS’s devoted fanbase, began celebrating and showering JK with adoration on social media. Even the members of Bangtan weren’t lagging behind. Among the first to wish, the youngest member was the oldest, Jin.

On the other hand, J-Hope trumped him by calling Jungkook “September Husband.” He posted a few photos of the singer on BTS’s official Twitter account alongside the message, “Happy birthday, my bruhhh!!! Have the best day everrrr!”

Birthday Projects

For Jungkook’s birthday this year, the largest container shopping mall in the world, Common Ground in Seoul, was transformed into a unique “Kuku Themed” area. Common Ground is the first shipping container-based pop-up shop in Korea, covering an area of 5,300 square meters. Using only shipping containers, it is the world’s first and largest mall of its kind. Because of its modern design has become a popular location for movies, TV shows, and music videos shot in Seoul.

It can be said that the whole country basically turned into Kookyland, while fans everywhere shower him with blessings, love, and support through birthday projects.

  • A Magic Shop and Baby Highness big doll are set up in Hongdae, Seoul, where ARMYs from every corner travel to see and take photos with Jungkook’s doll.
  • JK’s visage is emblazoned on the sides of Kookoo buses traversing Seoul’s congested roads.
  • Outside the Hybe building in Seoul, South Korea, one can also find a 10-meter-long banner and some of Jungkook’s billboards.
  • In Da Nang, Vietnam’s Asian Park, a Ferris wheel set up a special birthday light show for Jungkook.
  • Projects aimed at the youngest members of BTS were also on display in Times Square, New York.
  • Charity work is something that the Bangtan Boys and their fanbase are well-known for. There have also been some fundraising events held in Jungkook’s honor.
  • Subway stations are filled with birthday-themed LEDs and advertisements. Gangnam Station Exit 2 welcomed passengers with birthday greetings for JK.
  • Fans of Jungkook in the Philippines threw him a party at a hotel ballroom in Manila with the theme “Our Golden Maknae Turns Silver Party.”
  • Several fan clubs in India have also organized special events. In honor of JK’s birthday, BTS India Magic Shop hosted Delhi’s first BTS DJ party, and on September 1, Korean restaurant Pop Seoul also is said to be hosting a special event for ARMYs.

The Most Iconic Birthday Projects So Far

Fans of BTS’s Jungkook have been known to throw massive parties in honor of the member’s birthday worldwide. Friends and fans always surprise him with a large project on his birthday. Not to forget the number of donations and billboard ads that goes around. Some of the most iconic fan projects on JK’s birthday were:

  • The “Still With You” mock-up stage stands seven meters tall and is located in I’Park Mall near the HYBE building in South Korea. Fans built it as a birthday present for the golden maknae in 2021. This kind of celebration had never been done before, and Jungkook was the first artist to receive it.
  • The 2020 birthday project featured Jungkook’s advertisement on a KTX train. There were pictures of Jungkook all over the 400-meter-long train. It was a direct line connecting the two largest cities in South Korea, Busan, and Seoul. In addition to widespread media attention, the project was well-received within KORAIL and among its employees, who posted photos and videos of the train’s construction on social media.
  • A Skytyping Event for Jungkook’s birthday in New York. The first k-pop star to have such a birthday present made for them. More than 120 feet above the Statue of Liberty in New York City, five planes participated in an aerial advertising campaign using sky-typing technology.
  • For Jungkook’s birthday in 2021, the world’s first Blue Line All-Inclusive Support and Korea’s first Haeundae Beach Trains Promotion Event were held. From September 1-7, all of the beach trains at ‘Blue Line Park,’ a popular tourist destination in Busan’s Haeundae neighborhood, were decorated with birthday advertisements for Jungkook.

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