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Juragan Material is making Indonesia’s construction supply chain easier to understand

The construction industry in Indonesia is big and growing quickly, but a lot of the buying of supplies is still done the old-fashioned way, by phone calls and text messages. Juragan Material wants to make things easier by creating a B2B marketplace where curated suppliers can sell building materials.

Today, the company said it had raised $4 million in seed funding, led by Go-Ventures and including Susquehanna International Group (SIG).

The new money will be used to hire more people, grow Juragan Materials’ market share, and improve technology.

The company was started in 2021, and its marketplace has more than 9,000 products from over 180 brands. These products include structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical goods. It is for contractors and project owners to use, and it helps them find materials faster.

Tito Putra, the CEO and co-founder of Juragan Materials, was the managing director of a building contractor company before he started Juragan Materials.

All of the other founders of the startup have also worked in construction before. Graceila Putri is the chief operating officer. She used to work as a product associate at Amazon and helped a building contractor company grow. Ricky Fernando, the chief marketing officer, used to work in marketing and public relations for Mortindo, a company that makes mortar. Meichael Surja, the chief procurement officer, was an architect and contractor for residential products for more than 15 years.

Putra said that it often took him days to find a single item, including the time it took to check with multiple vendors about prices and stock.

He also had to deal with deliveries that couldn’t be tracked and were late, as well as long and frustrating offline payment and billing processes. This led to high costs for working capital and the possibility of losing money because of too much or too little supply.

Juragan Materials was made to make the last part of the building industry’s supply chain easier.

“We saw that construction is a huge market that is still very old-fashioned and hasn’t been touched by technology,” Putra said. “This means that there are a lot of inefficiencies in the industry.”

Juragan Materials will use the new money to improve its platform and add more features, get more customers and vendors, and improve its infrastructure, especially in the areas of financing and logistics, said Putra.

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