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Kevin Hart talks about cheating on his wife and how it affected his relationship with his kids!

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The world popular American comedian and actor Kevin Hart opened up to Will Smith about cheating on his wife on the recent episode of “Red Table Talk”. Kevin also talked about how infidelity impacted the relationship between him and his kids.

Hart eventually addressed the news to his kids and talking about that experience, Kevin said, “I stepped in some s–t, yeah. You’re never prepared for that side of it. Having a little girl in my life, it’s tough. You don’t realize the impact that your mistakes can truly have. When the kids get involved, it’s a different feeling, it’s a different emotion.”

Kevin Hart, 41, added, “Through my public, uh, debacles … it’s very hard to bother me. But when your child shows disappointment, shows emotion, shows ‘I don’t understand why’ and you gotta have those conversations, the head drops for the first time.”

Hart has four children- 16 years old daughter Heaven and a 13 years old son Hendrix with ex-wife Torrei. He has the other two kids, Kenzo who is three and 8 months old Kaori, with wife Eniko Parrish.

Kevin revealed his infidelity to his daughter Heaven. He said, “Now you realize there’s a different emotional cord that can be pulled on you that nobody else has the privilege of ever touching. My daughter touched on that cord, man.”

Hart continued, “When me and my wife went through what we went through and the whole cheating display, my talk with Heaven, goddamn… That was one like no other. Getting my daughter back, getting my daughter to understand that I’m sorry, that I made a mistake, that was real. To understand, I’m still dad.”

In 2017, Kevin Hart cheated on his wife Enniko Parrish with model Montia Sabbag in Las Vegas. The whole situation became a controversial scandal as a tape of their personal time together got released in an alleged extortion attempt. Addressing the issue back then, Sabbag had claimed in public that she wasn’t the one to the tape and publicly called Hart just as much a victim as herself.

However, in September 2019, Montia Sabbag sued Hart for $60 million, alleging that Hart and his friend J.T. Jackson set her up with a hidden camera. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

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