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Kourtney Kardashian attends Scott Disick’s lavish birthday!

Source: Entertainment Tonight

On Monday, Scott Disick celebrated his 38th birthday and his ex-wife Kourtney Kardashian also attended the party.

According to the reports, Scott threw a lavish aviation themed birthday party which featured food trucks, a churro maker. The party also had a large balloon display that read “Happy Birthday Lord”.

Among other celebrities, Scott’s birthday was attended by his ex-wife Kourtney Kardashian. She gave her fans a little peek to Disick’s lavish birthday party with an Instagram story, where she could be seen partying with singer SIA. Kourtney’s sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian also appeared in the party, who shared the pictures on her Instagram stories too.

As awkward as it may seem, it shows that Kardashian and Disick have moved on in their romantic lives with Disick dating Amelia Hamin, who too was obviously one of the attendees, and Kourtney dating Travis Baker. The two share three kids, who they co-parent and are on good terms.

The most extravagant thing that stole the show was party favors given out by Scott to his guests such as Rolex watches and diamond necklaces. As per the reports, the gifts were placed on a table for the guests to choose from and pick whatever they wanted when they entered the party.

Kim Kardashian showed off a diamond covered Rolex watch, which she had as a said party favor from Scott. Kim said, “I’ve never heard of this before, party favors like this. Anyone can just walk in to here, if they’re invited to the party, and they get… (showing the watch)”

Scott also showed of his way of partying and said, “This is how the Lord does it… I’m sorry everybody else gives out candy. I give out ice.”

Other than that, Disick’s birthday party became the talk of the town also because of the birthday gift given to him by his girlfriend Amelia. She gifted him a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which boyfriend Scott bragged on his Instagram saying, “New Harley can’t complain. Thanks @ameliagray.”

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