Letters to the Editor — Oct. 13, 2021


The Issue: A city report’s finding that Mayor de Blasio and his family misused his NYPD security detail.

Our mayor has been misusing his security detail, using it to run errands and shuttle other people around, and more than $300,000 has been wasted (“Mayor’s security boss in DA sights,” Oct. 8).

Now he is making excuses for it, even having a security expert defend his actions. It is disgraceful, especially after Gov. Andrew Cuomo was implicated in wrongdoing.

Even worse, Mayor de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, was given $850 million for her Thrive program, which was never properly accounted for.

With only a month left in office, many will be glad to see him go.

Joseph Comperchio


The Department of Investigation’s hard-hitting report documenting massive de Blasio-family abuses of NYPD security details exposes the First Family’s demand for perks.

That Dante de Blasio was chauffeured both to New Haven and to a post-college Brooklyn job shows how casual corruption becomes ingrained.

That the taxpayers helped subsidize the mayor’s presidential bid, with no perception that the costs should have been reimbursed and reported under federal campaign law, is consistent with a mayor who espouses political populism but is “willfully blind” to ethical norms.

Political chutzpah, possible crimes and the mayor’s inability to accept responsibility make a sad ending to a mayoralty that both overpromised and underperformed.

Roger Bennet Adler


While the rest of New York City burns, in typical Democratic fashion Mayor Putz spends mega dollars for his and his family’s protection, the cost of which citizens of New York must absorb.

Many times over, the likes of the mayor in other substantial positions have misused their offices.

Hired guns protect these officials under the guise of “we are more important than you,” and they don’t accept being held accountable. Really? It’s well past time they pay their fair share.

Doc Ludemann

Bridgeport, Conn.

​Apparently hypocrisy knows no limits when it comes to de Blasio and McCray.

Were these not the folks who were advocating for the NYPD to be defunded?

Sure, as long as it did not impact the improper use of police resources for the family’s personal and political purposes.

Frank Brady


The Issue: Reports that there are more than 150,000 absentee students on city schools’ rosters this year.

I know where the absentee kids are (“ ‘Missing’ 150K children,” Oct. 10).

They’re either roaming the streets, shooting each other, or they’ve decamped to private schools.

When I read that the Department of Education budgets $42,000 per pupil per year, I had to sigh.

My experience with the DOE with my own children and now grandchildren is that the value and quality of the education provided in no way justifies that price tag.

Kathy Degyansky


This article states that principals are responsible for finding students who are enrolled but have not attended classes by any means necessary.

This is nothing new. Before I retired over a decade ago, it was my responsibility to find students who were missing, as my school was funded based on students in attendance.

I’d make phone calls and house calls. Usually, I started with about 5 percent of enrollment missing and found about half of them.

Helaine Kobrin


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