Man killed waiting for tow truck days before his wedding

A Washington state man was struck and killed by a car just days before he was set to marry the “love of his life,” officials and his family said.

Christopher Goles, 47, of Redmond, traveled late last month to Spokane to prepare for his Oct. 2 nuptials to his fiancée Shiloh Shuman, the Spokesman-Review reported.

But near the Spokane International Airport on Sept. 29, Goles became involved in a crash and called a tow truck for car assistance, the newspaper reported.

Police said that Goles had begun crossing the street to meet the tow truck when he was then mowed down by an oncoming Subaru.

The driver of the Subaru told authorities that Goles darted out so quickly that he didn’t have time to react, the newspaper reported.

Goles was pronounced dead at the scene.

“At the tragic time of his passing, Chris was traveling to Spokane to prepare for his October 2nd wedding to the love of his life, Shiloh Shuman,” his family wrote in his obituary.

“Shiloh was the love of Chris’ life, and his family takes comfort in knowing he was full of love, joy and anticipation at his passing,” the obituary added.

Goles was killed on Sept. 29.

His obituary remembered him for his “bright personality and even bigger heart that filled the room”

“Chris’ loyalty and love were fierce – if you were in his circle, you were seen and adored as you were, and always knew Chris was in your corner,” the obituary said.

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