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Meghan Trainor Shows Off Her ‘Double Toilets’ – & It’s Worse Than You Imagined!!

Meghan Trainor loves her unusual bathroom!

The pop star took a lot of crap from trolls online after revealing she has two side-by-side toilets in her bathroom so she and husband Daryl Sabara can go at the same time. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t care! While chatting with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the new momma gushed about the viral insanity of her potty, explaining:

“I didn’t know it was going to be such a big deal. That’s why I casually brought it up on a podcast.”

Had she known, she may have used the media attention to her advantage to promote a new song, or at least that’s what the 27-year-old’s mom would have liked to see. LOLz!

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Regardless of the skepticism, Trainor admitted:

“It’s the best thing I ever did.”

Because she’s such a fan of her side-by-side thrones, she even showed off a shocking picture of the room. See exactly where the hubby and wife do their business (below)!

His on the left, hers on the right! / (c) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

OMG! There’s hardly room for the toilet paper holder. WTF is this? Can U imagine pooping that close to your partner??

Funny enough, the double toilets aren’t only a convenience when both parents are up with their son in the middle of the night and have to pee, but the different seats also cater to their preferences. For instance, Meghan likes the fancier toilet (on the right) with a seat heater while Daryl takes the classic toilet (on the left) under the air conditioner. We seriously can’t make this stuff up —  listen to her gush about the toilets (below)!

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[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube & WENN/Avalon]

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