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Megyn Kelly is Going To Host Daily Talk Show For SiriusXM!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is all set to host a daily talk show for SiriusXM, which will take her podcast to the satellite network’s Triumph channel.

Kelly’s daily talk show, titled “The Megyn Kelly Show,” will begin from 7th September, from noon-2 PM ET. The show will feature interviews and listener calls, bringing Megyn Kelly to people’s daily life.

In addition, before “The Megyn Kelly Show” airs, the channel Triumph will feature some of best shows from Kelly’s podcast, which was launched last year via her Devil May Care Media. The shows from Kelly’s podcast will air form 16th August until the day of the show’s live premiere- Sept. 7.

The news was announced by Megan Kelly on Tuesday.

In an interview with People, the 50-year-old anchor Kelly said, “My deal with Sirius is, I can talk about whatever I want. I touch third rails for a living, by design. I’m not built that way: to avoid these things,” She added, “I want the fight. I enjoy discussion, fierce discussion and debate. I can’t imagine giving that up again.”

As per the reports, those who have subscribed to SiriusXM will gain video access to the show. Additionally, after the premiere of The Megyn Kelly Show, it will be available in the form of podcast on the SXM app, Pandora, Stitcher and other major platforms.

The show is being produced by Red Seat Ventures, which handled the production and distribution of the podcast as well. Under the new deal, Kelly will retain ownership by avoiding any “corporate overlords,” and she will continue to interview political, legal, and cultural figures of her choice.

Megyn Kelly is known to b unapologetically bold and straight, and never hesitates to ask questions. Talking about her podcast, Kelly said, “One of the joys of the show is, you don’t have to rush through the conversations. Today we dropped an episode with Brett Weinstein. He’s very popular on the web. She added, “This Evergreen State professor out of Washington State who was forced out of his job. It’s a very progressive campus. So, yes, I wanted to talk about getting fired from the University, and he’s been banned from YouTube for his vaccine talks. I really went hard on him.”

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