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Michael James Tyler thanks his fans for their support during his battle with prostate cancer!

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Recently, Michael James Tyler, better known as Gunther in the show Friends, revealed publicly that he has stage 4 prostate cancer, which he found out about three years ago. After that, Tyler uploaded a photo of him during his chemotherapy session in Instagram and thanked his fans for their well wishes.

Michael James Tyler announced the news on the TODAY show on 21st June, with the aim spread awareness among people about the disease. The 59 years old actor has been going through the treatment for prostate cancer since he was 56.

Sharing the photograph on Instagram, Michael told the audience that he has finished the round 2 of the chemotherapy, and showed gratitude to his followers. Tyler wrote in the caption, “Just finished chemo round 2 last week! Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and support. It means the world to me. Please click the link in my bio. Early detection can make all the difference. #pcf #prostatecancerawareness #prostatecancer #prostatecancerfoundation”

As the news came out, Tyler’s fans and friends showed their support and wished him well. His fans took it to Twitter to share good wishes with him. One of fans wrote, “My thoughts are with you James Michael Tyler.” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Wishing James Michael Tyler who played Gunther on #Friends as much comfort as he can get while battling stage 4 prostate cancer.”

As told by Michael during the TODAY interview, he is actively working to spread awareness about the disease among people. As a part of his measures to help the community, Tyler has also started a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Foundation, the link of which has been provided on the actor’s profile as well.

The official website of Prostate Cancer Foundation has also features James Tyler’s experience. The website thanked the actor and wrote, “PCF is deeply grateful to James Michael Tyler for sharing his powerful story on his battle with prostate cancer on the TODAY show. Through the bravery of people like Michael, we can help save more men’s lives.”

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