Natalie Portman Drops a Spoiler on Thor: Love and Thunder

Natalie Portman Drops Spoiler
Natalie Portman Drops Spoiler

We, the fans of MCU, love Tom Holland less for his amazing personality and more for dropping spoilers. However, now, as it seems, he is not the only one who likes to talk about a “little bit more” in the upcoming film. Natalie Portman does the same as well.

Yes, you have understood it right. The actress of Thor Franchise has recently confirmed that she will be returning to reprise her role as Jane Foster. Besides, we also know that she will transform into Thor and play a much more prominent role in the movie.

But what’s the spoiler all about? Well, recently, in an interview, Portman said that she will attain some muscles to become a worthy female superhero. Besides, she has also stated that Jane Foster will be going through cancer treatment while playing the part of the hero.

Now, we already knew about the meaning of the previous comment. However, the latter comes as a surprise to many. It literally indicates that the new film will be adapting its story from the Mighty Thor comics.

So, if you were always a step ahead and read the comic, then you probably already know about what’s going to happen. Don’t spoil!

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