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Netflix now planning to enter gaming industry!

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The one of the world’s top streaming platform Netflix Inc. is stepping outside of the world of streaming, and is planning to move on to gaming.

The company is all set to expand and enter the field of video games. Netflix has already hired former executives from Electronic Arts and Facebook to lead the work.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that Mike Verdu is appointed to join Netflix as Vice-President of game development, who will report to chief operating officer Greg Peters. Verdu, who has also served as Facebook’s Vice-President, will be working with developers to bring games and other content to Oculus VR headsets.

Verdu has also worked in the Electronic Arts industry for popular mobile games including “The Sims”, “Plants vs. Zombies” and “Star Wars” series. He has also served as the creative director for the Zynga Inc.

As reported by the people familiar with the matter, video games will be provided on Netflix’s streaming platform, starting next year.  The platform will be done with building its team for the new project in the next few months. Besides, Netflix has already begun posting advertisements for vacancies for game development-related positions on its website.

The Netflix games will appear as a new type of show, and changes will be quite similar to what Netflix does in documentaries or stand-up comedies.

An inside source (not to be named) of the company told that Netflix currently does not plan to charge more for content.  After the news of Netflix expanding to the gaming industry, the company’s stock price increased by 3.3% to $566 in the most recent transaction.

Before this project, Netflix had previously authorized gaming rights based on its shows, including “Stranger Things.” However, this upcoming project is much broader than the said games.

As told by the insider, the California-based Los Gatos is yet to decide on a game development strategy.

Although the streaming platform has not yet planned to charge more for its content, but the gaming facility will eventually lead to an increase in the price for the services in the upcoming years.

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