Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend – It’s All Over

Steven and Olga are Parting Ways
Steven and Olga are Parting Ways

Only after living around a year of marriage life, both Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova have decided to separate. On this Saturday, the couple took it to Instagram and told their fans about the bad piece of news. And, well, it did surprise a lot of people.

According to Steven, he has previously faced the question if he and Olga are together. However, according to him, he did go into the relationship almost blindly. Thus, when they were marrying each other, they did not really know much about themselves at all.

Nonetheless, the marriage did help them in learning more about each other, as human beings. And, thus, they decided to separate mutually. However, each of them has a civil outlook on it and do not want to cause any drama.

According to Steven, it is for the sake of their kid’s well-being.

It all started for Steven and Olga when they met at the set of 90-Day Fiancé. The latter is actually from Russia. However, she did meet Steven when she was travelling in Maryland. Olga got pregnant within 45 days after this and they decided to stay together.

Anyways, due to this reason, the fans of this couple are shocked about their decision. However, it was probably the best for them.

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