Passenger’s meltdown over mask mandate: ‘I’ll break your neck!’


The skies were not so friendly that day.

A belligerent passenger was hauled off a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles after threatening his fellow flyers with bodily harm when told to don his COVID-19 mask. Footage of the shocking incident was posted on TikTok last Thursday — but went viral this week, racking up more than 4 million views as of Tuesday morning.

“You won’t believe what happened on my flight,” reads the caption to the viral video, which was uploaded by Alexander Clark, another passenger on the flight.

The one-minute clip starts off with a man in a green hat removing his face mask and yelling, “Take me off, I don’t even want to go to Cali.”

“I will find your name, date of birth and address. I’ll know your social security number before I get off this plane,” the foulmouthed maskhole adds, before getting up and shoving a fellow passenger in the aisle next to him.

A belligerent passenger was hauled off a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles after threatening his fellow flyers with violence when told to don his face mask and follow COVID-19 precautions. Reps for United Airlines did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment — but the appalled TikTok peanut gallery has plenty to say.
starcadearcade TikTok

According to a follow-up video, the flyer got mad because the “flight attendant had asked him to hang up” his phone and “keep his mask on four times.” (Warning: The unedited TikTok clips embedded below contain graphic language.)

From there, the situation only continued to snowball out of control. The ruffian is then seen running to the galley and confronting a flight attendant, upon which another flyer intervenes.

However, instead of backing off, the enraged man tells the samaritan to “mind your business — ’cause I’ll break your neck.”

At one point, the cretin even snatches Clark’s phone and demands that he delete the incriminating footage.

The crazy clip concludes with the man yelling “let’s go to jail” as the police arrive to escort him off the plane, per the clip. The incident comes as the TSA announced it will be extending its federal mask mandates until January.

Reps for United Airlines did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment — but the appalled TikTok peanut gallery has plenty to say about the passenger’s behavior.

“Do people not understand that these are FEDERAL charges, when they get spicy on a plane,” observed one commenter.

Another commented, “Welcome to the no-fly list.”

One TikTok viewer quipped, “As a person in Cali, we don’t want him.”

Other observers made fun of the miscreant threatening to track down people’s personal info a la Pablo Escobar in “Narcos.”

“What’s he gonna do with his Date Of Birth,” wondered one incredulous commenter about the man’s bizarre threats.

One social media comedian mocked, “Before the end of the flight ima know your shoe size, your Xbox handle, your favorite candy in a Whitman’s sampler…”

The unruly flyer threatens to break a passenger's neck.
The unruly flyer threatens to break a fellow passenger’s neck.
starcadearcade TikTok

This isn’t the first time a passenger has gone ballistic after being told to follow federal mask mandates. A Southwest Airlines flyer was arrested in May for punching a flight attendant — and busting two of her teeth — after she told the flyer to put on a mask. She has since been charged with two felony counts of assault resulting in serious bodily injury and interference with flight crew members and attendants.

Other incidents have seen passengers duct-taped for kicking out windows, and forcing whole flights to get canceled over their refusal to wear masks. Unfortunately, this trend could see an uptick in line with the TSA extending its mask mandate.


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