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Planet Hollywood is on its way to New York City with a new, boldly expanded version

Planet Hollywood III is coming to town, but there will be some major plot deviations from the original plan of inventor Robert Earl.

Earl Enterprises, his global hospitality company, has signed a lease for a new, four-story, 17,500-square-foot Planet Hollywood at 140 W. 42nd St. between Sixth Avenue and Broadway, according to Realty Check. It will be located on the bottom floors of a building that currently houses a Hilton Garden Inn, however it will not be a component of the hotel.

Jeffrey Roseman of Newmark arranged the purchase with Drew Weiss and Marc Leber of his firm. The 15-year lease’s starting asking rent was in the low $3 million per year level.

Macquarie, a financial services corporation, owns the retail condominium space. Since the building’s inception six years ago, it has been unoccupied.

“Robert had a strong desire to return to Times Square,” Roseman added. “The agreement began before COVID, but everything came to a halt when it was implemented. In the summer of 2021, the talk resumed.”

Robert Earl posing at an event

Robert Earl, who heads up global hospitality company Earl Enterprises, is going sky-high concept with the new restaurant, which will include a delivery service and three environments from which diners can choose.
Planet Hollywood has had a long, up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, up Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Demi Moore were among the boldface advocates when it first debuted on West 57th Street in 1991.

It eventually relocated to 1540 Broadway, where it lost some of its celebrity cachets but profited for 20 years from the Times Square business and tourist booms. A widely publicized rent dispute with landlord Vornado was resolved.

The new Planet Hollywood on West 42nd Street will have three different components, unlike past Planet Hollywoods in the city. The concept, according to Earl, is “a new version of our restaurant” that will be “more complicated and appealing to both New York locals and tourists.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Sylvester Stallone circa 1991

Nascent days: Original Planet Hollywood investors included, from left, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore (with Bruce Willis to her left) and Sylvester Stallone.
AFP via Getty Images
On floors two and three, the Planet Hollywood eatery will feature 250 seats, nearly half as many as 1540 Broadway, which closed before COVID. Earl said the facility will have two unique themes: “an homage to movies,” similar to the original Planet Hollywoods, and “more of an art gallery installation environment,” with works by well-known artists who “concentrate on their own Hollywood twists.”

A 100-seat branch of Chicken Guy, Earl’s fast-casual collaboration with celebrity chef Guy Fieri, will be located on the first floor.

Guy Fieri attends the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest in February 2022

The new Planet Hollywood will include a fast-casual chicken eatery conceived by Earl and celebrity chef Guy Fieri (seen here attending the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest earlier this month).
Earl also co-founded the delivery-only food service Virtual Dining Concepts, thus the third component of Planet Hollywood will be a “virtual dining” facility that will deliver to “all the beautiful office buildings and hotels nearby,” according to Earl.

Customers can request dishes from ten different food companies produced in the location’s “large kitchen.”

MrBeast Burger, from “Mr. Beast” Jimmy Donaldson, who was recently listed by Forbes as YouTube’s highest-earning personality, with $54 million in earnings in 2021, will be one of them. Customers can create their own meals by ordering things from multiple brands on a single order, according to Earl.

A rendering shows the grand staircase between Chicken Guy and the main restaurant at the new Planet Hollywood.
The new address benefits from being among the block’s office towers, such as the Durst Organization’s One Five One and One Bryant Park Ivanhoe Cambridge’s 1095 Sixth Ave., despite being only steps away from the Bowtie’s brilliant lights. Earl anticipates that they will generate a substantial client base to supplement the tourist industry.

“Look, everything has evolved,” Earl, a theme-restaurant pioneer who previously had controlled the Hard Rock CafĂ© chain, said of his company. The customer has progressed. We’ve been around for 30 years and have remained contemporary and relevant.”

Earl Enterprises owns massive casinos and resorts in Las Vegas and Mexico, as well as restaurant names such as Buca di Beppe and Earl of Sandwich and Planet Hollywood locations from Los Angeles to Qatar. It will be the restaurant chain’s sixth outlet in Manhattan.

Robert Earl and Arnold Schwarzenegger share spaghetti at a 2013 event

Robert Earl raises a meatball toast with Arnold Schwarzenegger at a 2013 event.
Bryan Bedder

Earl is unwaveringly optimistic about the future of Times Square and the city. He described himself as a “global businessman.” “I’m continuously on the move, doing business all around the world.” “If New York does not return to its former greatness, no one will,” he argued from that standpoint.

“We have a massive buildout ahead of us,” he added. We’ll make every effort to open before the end of the year.” “I’m in a hurry,” he said, noting that it will have been three years since the old Planet closed its doors.

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