Rangers’ Alexis Lafreniere reflects on fight with Islanders’ JG Pageau

Tight shot Alexis Lafreniere warming up

Alexis Lafreniere may only be 20 years old, but he wasn’t afraid to go after an eight-year veteran on Wednesday.

JG Pageau hit Ryan Lindgren in the third period, a hit that Lafreniere took offense to.

Alas, it was the first fight of the former No. 1 pick’s career.

“I thought it was a little high and I didn’t like it so I kind of went at him…” he told reporters on Thursday. “You don’t get the chance to think about it too much. You just go.”

It was no Ali-Frazier, but the scrap turned the heads of some of his teammates.

“It’s like we’re in the movie Interstellar, a parallel universe, I don’t know what was going on,” team enforcer Ryan Reaves said after the game.

Lafreniere joked that he has to work on his fighting skills, but Reaves did say it’s a win because “he didn’t get punched.”

Pick your battles wisely, kid.

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