Sacha Baron Cohen says he had to ring the alarm on Facebook’s abysmal handling of racist and Holocaust denial content

Sacha Baron Cohen rips into Facebook

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen says that he had to criticize Facebook harshly for their bad handling of racist and Holocaust denial content. He argued that Facebook’s actions are a threat to democracy.


In late 2019, Sacha Baron Cohen heavily condemned Facebook. Additionally, he accused them of not putting enough effort to combat anti-Semitism and racism on the social media platform. He said that Facebook’s stance against fake political news and ads was unsettling.


Baron-Cohen even went on to say that if Facebook existed in the 1930s, it would have allowed Adolf Hitler to post anti-Jewish ads.


The actor later said that he wasn’t comfortable giving that speech. Typically, he doesn’t give too many opinions on political matters.


He recently appeared in an interview with the Times. There, Cohen said that it was his first time giving a serious speech in his own voice. Nevertheless, he had to sound a warning bell as he felt that democracy was under serious threat.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been the subject of criticism. Allegedly, he has been taking a callous approach to moderating the content on Facebook. However, in 2020, he has introduced some policies for content moderation. For example, last week Facebook announced that it would ban all Holocaust denial content.

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