Sinister 3, What is it? Will Sinister 3 gong to hit the screens?

Sinister 3

Sinister 3 – The supernatural horror movie “Sinister” created by Scott Derrickson, produced by Jason Blum and written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson was released in 2012 and received an average rating of 6.24/10 when it hit the theatres first. The movie still comes up with two sequels in which the horror drama is depicted so well. The movie was loved by the Horror genre lovers and had an appreciation in its pockets.

The plot revolved around the real crime writer Ellison Oswalt, who discovered grisly murders in his own house’s attic, which put his family’s life in danger. One could say that in 2012 this horror movie looked fresh and one of the best horror franchises in the world of Hollywood.

Is Sinister 3 Happening?

Sinister one raises the standard of this movie and is highly admired by the fans and it was very successful in terms of monetary returns for the makers also. The movie set every high expectation for the sequel to get more exciting and horror thrillers. But when in 2015, Sinister 2 was released, it fully shivered the fans and critics’ Expectations. Sinister 2 received so many negative reviews from the audience and the critics and it also didn’t do well on the market also.

After the second sequel crash, the producer of sinister 2, Jason Blum, stated that there would be no Sinister 3 as they didn’t do good with Sinister 3. Added on, not many people will go to go for Sinister 3 as they are highly disappointed by the second sequel. He even apologized to his audience by defending himself as they (Jason Blum and Scott Derrickson) have no plans for Sinister 3 but might become with an Insidious (movie) hybrid.

The reason behind the failure of Sinister 2

Sinister 2 was not found to have a good storyline as the audience didn’t find it scary. The narrative was a bit similar to the first one and the audience was expecting to have chills while watching the movie but it didn’t turn out to living up to their expectations.

The story was unwrapped by the critics, which was behind the crashing of this second sequel in the theatres.

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