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Tom Hiddleston explains the timeline of “Loki” series!

Source: tech4mag.com

Marvel Studios’ Original series “Loki” is all set to release tomorrow, 9th June on Disney Plus, and the fans will once again see Tom Hiddleston as the evil villain Loki.

But, to understand this series, the fans must know the background or the beginning story of Loki as the series takes place before the events of Ragnarok, Infinity War and the End Game. However, Tom Hiddleston, the director of the “Loki” Kate Warren and producer and screenwriter Michael Waldron explained everything has a day before its release, in an interview with the Breakfast Television.

The show covers the time after the Avengers: End Game 2019, and portrays an “alternate version of Loki created in a new timeline”, explains the interviewee Deva Brown.

Tom Hiddleston explained, “Loki starts up kind of where he ended up at the end of the first Avengers movie. His ego is pretty bruised, but he is still full of that arrogance and entitlement. On the outside, he got some charm and some wit, but in the inside, he is kind of broken and fragmented.”

Michael Waldron, the producer and screenwriter of the series added to the conversation, “This is a different version of Loki than the one who died in Infinity War. Waldron said, “He hasn’t experienced the character growth of Thor- The Dark World, Ragnarok. This is a Loki, who is just bitter coming off the heels of the biggest defeat and embarrassment of his life.

Additionally, talking about the character development of Loki as villain, the series director Kate Herron said, “I really love villains. You don’t necessarily have to agree with their actions, but you have to understand them.”

Kate said, “Loki has gone from villain to anti-hero over the last decade. He has such empathy, wit and charm with the character. I think he really brings the pain to the character that so many people can connect with.”

Talking about his thought about his character, Tom said, “Sometimes I read the scripts and I’m like he is in his own way. This is a guy who makes life difficult for himself sometimes.”

“I mostly love playing him (Loki). It just is a really interesting complex character with so much depth… and I think as an actor, that’s a dream.

June 2021